Lady Storm Foundation, Lily is AMAZING!!! She's helped me and my 2 kids with providing food and 2 night hotel stay and resources to call! I appreciate Lily and the Foundation so so much!!! I highly recommend them! And Von with bringing me and my kids food and drinks is so nice! I appreciate everyone so much and they're understanding of my homelessness with my children.. I wish more people were as kind as Lady Storm Foundation! They've been a real blessing!!

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This is a great organization. They are a tremendous asset to the community. Please donate / give whatever you can, if you are able to do so. It is going to a great cause.

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LSF has shown time and time again how dedicated they are to their cause of bringing hope and awareness with their food drives. They are out here working, people!! I love seeing communities coming together for each other. THANK YOU!!

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I want to thank Ladystormfoundation for the work they did to feed many families on August, 29. It was a huge success. So glad there are people and organizations out there helping people who are struggling during these times. I wish you the best in your endeavors and dont stop being a needed resource in the community. ladystormfoundation.com

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In such a short time, Lily and her team have done so much for the Orange and Lake county communities. You should see the faces of the patrons when they receive their bags... such a giving and caring foundation!

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This is an awesome foundation I'm able to get the help that I need! Thank you look. God Bless