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Lily Storms New Book

A Never Forgotten Journey: An immigrant story!

Lily’s biography discusses the sacrifices and struggles of her mother’s life. In her book, she allows the readers to experience everything through her perspective and painstakingly narrated how difficult it can be to cope with life. She reminds us that life is riddled with ups and downs and the journey to your destination is filled with potholes. You are often tested with unforeseen situations that can easily throw you off course if you are not focused. However, she cautions, you must realize that your struggles are life’s lessons to strengthen your resolve.

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“if you have a choice to be kind or to be right, choose to be kind”.

Dr. Wayne Dyer

A Never Forgotten Journey: 
An Immigrant Story!

Lily Storm’s accounts in this book navigate the readers down a pathway of abuse to despair to clarity. She highlights the struggles of women fighting to prove their worth in a society that still perceives them as inferior. She examines the role immigration plays in one’s life and how it can literally mean the difference between family unity for some and family separation for others. It describes courageous acts by immigrants who risk it all for a chance at a better life in another country only to sometimes meet far worse treatment than what one escaped from.

From the moment someone leaves his or her country to settle in a foreign land, adjusting to its culture, traditions and the norms of the new society can be quite daunting, to say the least. In addition to the cultural adjustment they have to make, some are challenged with racism, discrimination, and unemployment. Though not all immigrants face these ugly vices, the majority do and subsequently succumb to the bottom of the totem pole.


Someone once said, “if you have a choice to be kind or to be right, choose to be kind”. This quote goes beyond just being kind to people, or going out of your way to lend a hand or offering a shoulder to cry on.  It reminds you that it’s your innate nature to help one another and to create the best you can, a world of equality and autonomy.  It’s really just about adjusting your views and attitudes about your world and the people who live in it.


Read this book to learn how you can overcome your challenges by ignoring the noise and distraction around you.  It’s important to take control of your life by working to empower yourself and creating a better you.


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