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A common understanding of the term “mental health” is an important aspect of having a shared vision of mental health services. Because of the stigma associated with the term mental health, and cultural differences in how mental health is conceptualized, it is essential that centers and staff work closely with families and communities to develop a common understanding of children and young adults’ mental health that considers all components of life’s challenges.

The Lady Storm Foundation, Inc is in partnership with organizations that already have fully established mental health programs for consultations and treatments. Without a shared vision, we will not be able to combat this dreadful illness. We must define, streamline and implement programs and treatments to fight this illness that for once is at the forefront of a global discussion. 


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The Lady Storm Foundation supports mental health


The Children's Home Society of Florida Mental Health Program has received financial support from the Lady Storm Foundation, Inc to continue this vital work for our teens and young adults.  

Children need you NOW.

Children like Mia, who lost her dad unexpectedly and now suffers from extreme depression. You can give her — and thousands like her — access to top-quality counseling immediately.


Babies like Kaden, whose mom is trying so hard to give him a strong foundation … but lost her job and is getting evicted before the holidays. You can give him — and so many others — stability and security when it’s needed most.

Teens like Juan, who was simply born into poverty and has fallen in with the wrong crowd as he tries to survive each day. You can give him — and thousands of kids like him — the chance to receive mentoring, health care, counseling and after-school leadership opportunities right at school, replacing terrifying cycles with opportunities to succeed.

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