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A native of Guyana South America received her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from City University in New Jersey. 


A first-time author of A Never Forgotten Journey, An Immigrant Story, Lily hopes to use her mother’s journey to educate people about the injustices and sufferings people face daily all over the world. Her truest intention is to show how one woman from a seemingly hopeless environment used common sense and inner strength to overcome the challenges of her archaic norms and traditions. 

Lily says, “You never know how strong you are until you’re put to the test. We are all beings in this life and in this fight together. Let us never forget our connection and responsibility to one another”.

She is the Founder and CEO of the Lady Storm Foundation, Inc to aid in the fight against hunger, promote community development, address mental health issues in young people and provide temporary shelter to single moms. 

Living with a mother who was always giving more than she had - Lily grew up being genuinely impacted by her mother’s natural selfless actions.  Today, to continue her mother’s legacy, the Lady Storm Foundation is poised to serve the needs of communities globally.  NO JUDGMENT, NO QUESTION.

Boards Served: 

  • Environmental Protection Ad Hoc Committee 2003 – 2005

  • Northeast Valley Health Corporation - San Fernando Valley, California 2009 – 2012.

  • Florida Association of Code Enforcement – F.A.C.E – 2015 – 2018

  • Lake County Children Services Council – 2021 to 2023

  • Public Relations Society of America – 2015 to Present

  • Rotary Club of Windermere – 2022 to Present



Raj Balkaran 
Board Member

Raj migrated to the United States with dreams and goals to achieve not just wealth but a desire to inspire his community by imparting valuable life’s lessons through his ministry.  A business owner for years in the field of real estate, Raj also comes with a degree in Finance and will be crunching the numbers for the Lady Storm Foundation, Inc.  


Daniela Indio
Board Member

Daniela has 15 years of management experience in designing, implementing and operating ethics and compliance programs in various industries including board governance and reporting, designing ethics education, managing enterprise risk processes as well as handling investigations and regulatory agency inquiries. 


Andy Ramcharran
Board Member

Andy, with a plethora of certifications in the housing/building field, has worked in the housing inspection industry for over ten years before deciding to venture out into new possibilities.  He brings with him a wealth of knowledge on customer service, problem solving skills and community partnerships.    


Denise Gomez
Board Member

Denise has over 20 years of global, corporate legal experience in the manufacturing and retail industries. Her background includes commercial contracting, marketing, food safety, vendor and enterprise risk, technology, and compliance. Denise has a strong work ethic and a continued desire to make herself a better leader, through hard work and intellectual curiosity.  

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