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Growing up in an undeveloped country, I promised myself that if I ever turned the table on the hand I was dealt, I would never let anyone feel as helpless as I did. Fortunately for me, my life has been a slow and steady uphill climb. I founded the Lady Storm Foundation (LSF) and never looked back.  LSF advocates for men, women, and children worldwide; reinvigorating hope to those who might have lost it. LSF works to acknowledge the imbalance in life and magnifies the gift of giving without expectations of any return. We follow the belief that charity is the saving grace of humanity.


The LSF was established before the Covid-19 Pandemic hit in 2020. Our goal is to reach high-risk, low-income, and underserved communities by alleviating food insecurity, addressing mental health issues in young people, acknowledging and rewarding our community leaders, and supporting single mothers in finding temporary shelters during their time of challenges. 

We serve wherever there’s a call for our services amid these global tragedies, but our primary focus is on Florida. Eventually, as it evolves into its true self, the LSF will be the organization that supports and funds other non-profits on community-based programs that benefit anyone looking to better themselves in life, liberty, and love.

For example, if another non-profit organization is challenged with funding programs that align with our values and beliefs, we will step in, assess, and provide funding either full or partial, depending on budget capability, then monitor that funding for progress.  No program or project that enhances lives will die at birth if we can help it – because life rocks!

For some, giving to charity isn’t on the top of their priority list. They believe it’s pointless to donate because according to them - their money won’t be used effectively. This is so far from the truth. Giving to charity is one of the most fulfilling acts you can perform, especially when those charities serve the helpless and the voiceless. It goes without saying that in helping all, we help ourselves.

For more information, our blog provides current information on our mission we represent for that month.

Who We Are
The Lady Storm Foundation

Dear World!

My name is Lily Storm, and I am an immigrant from Guyana, SA. As a child, I experienced firsthand the trials of poverty and inequality - it’s ugly and unfair – no fashionable or flowery way to put it.  It suffocates you until you kill it before it kills you.


In my book A Never Forgotten Journey, An Immigrant Story, I made a bold attempt to address issues between developed versus undeveloped countries and most often the issue of HUNGER rises to the top in undeveloped countries. Truth be told, the hunger crisis penetrates all countries to some extent, but undeveloped countries face a level of hunger like no other.

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The Lady Storm Foundation serves as a beacon of hope for the under-privileged. To connect with men, women and children around the world to provide not only food and clothing but a moment of hope, a moment of strength and a moment of inspiration. Working together as one people and one nation, we invest in lives and empowering those lives for a better future for all.


Fighting the good fight to end

Hunger, address Mental Health Issues and reward Community Development

Lady Storm Foundation, Inc is committed to the fight against hunger worldwide. We aim to understand the root causes of hunger while addressing mental health issues and reward community involvement and development from our young people through awareness, education, and mobilization of resources.


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