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"The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.
Mahatma Gandhi


Fighting the good fight to end

Hunger, address Mental Health Issues and reward Community Development

Lady Storm Foundation, Inc is committed to the fight against hunger worldwide. We aim to understand the root causes of hunger while addressing mental health issues and reward community involvement and development from our young people through awareness, education, and mobilization of resources.


A woman who inspires other women, motivates other women, appreciates other women, and fights the good fight alongside other women is a woman who truly understands that necessary change can only happen when we stand UNITED. - Lily Storm

Who We Are:
The Lady Storm Foundation

Dear World!

My name is Lily Storm, and I am an immigrant from Guyana, SA. As a child, I experienced firsthand the trials of poverty and inequality - it’s ugly and unfair – no fashionable or flowery way to put it.  It suffocates you until you kill it before it kills you.


In my book A Never Forgotten Journey, An Immigrant Story, I made a bold attempt to address issues between developed versus undeveloped countries and most often the issue of HUNGER rises to the top in undeveloped countries. Truth be told, the hunger crisis penetrates all countries to some extent, but undeveloped countries face a level of hunger like no other.

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My Book

A Never Forgotten Journey: An Immigrant Story is about a woman’s journey from a small village in Guyana to one of the biggest cities in the United States. It’s a story about how she broke down barriers and tore down walls on her path to success.  Her actions paved the way for other women like her to pursue their dreams and ambitions.

This woman, my mother, was a symbol of strength and courage for all women struggling for their fundamental rights. She was fierce and unstoppable and continued to move her goal post higher after every achievement.

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50 percent of the proceeds will go directly

to the Lady Storm Foundation, Inc.







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The Lady Storm Foundation
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Protecting Rights, Saving Lives,
Basic Human Rights.
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Sandra Brown

This is an amazing story. I am inspired by the author! Amazing work, keep going strong! We need more people like you.

Maria Gonzalez

It's a blessing to have the Lady Storm Foundation do what they do.  Times are hard and to know that some people really care is truly refreshing.  Thank you Ms. Lady Storm.  


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Timothy Nick

Life can be full of tragedies. We just need to learn how to cope with them without having to give up, ever.

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Miranda Osbourne

I am an immigrant as well and I understand how difficult life can be for people like us. The struggles can be very hard